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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: Apache Trove
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 16:36:38 GMT
On Sun, Dec 08, 2002 at 03:36:41PM -0800, Robert Koberg wrote:
> Hi Steven,
> interesting choice of the word 'trove'
> --- something valuable discovered or found
> --- a collection of valuable objects
> ----- but nothing is discovered - it is already known, of course it is a
> collection of valuable objects. The history of the word is from the french verb
> 'trover = "to find".' But there is nothing to find. It is already known.

Not to people looking :)  The relationship between the various Apache
projects is far from clear.  Eg, Struts, Turbine and Cocoon all are
'frameworks' of sorts, but that info isn't made clear anywhere.
Likewise, Struts, Webwork and Maverick are all MVC 'Controllers', JSP,
Velocity, WebMacro, Tea, are MVC 'Views',  Castor, OBJ, Torque, Hibernate
are all object/relational whatsits.. wouldn't it be nice if someone
classified all this stuff.  Or rather, if the individual projects could
classify _themselves_, and then a harvester works out the relations..

While it is possible Steven was musing on French verbs, I think its more
likely he stole the meaning from Sourceforge's classification system:

That might be related to the Trove on ESR's page,

> but if it is a list of all projects, why not use 'grove'
> -- my dictionary says grove = a small wood or stand of trees without dense
> undergrowth

I think some SGML people got there first:


> ----- a clean forrest?
> semantic pedantics :)
> -Rob
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