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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Forrestbot live!
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2002 16:49:33 GMT

Steven and I have put together a little webapp interface to the

The webapp allows you to preview multiple Forrest-built websites.  Both
the sites and Forrest are the latest from CVS, providing a Gump-like
catch-bad-things-early capability.

Sites can be regenerated by:
 - logging in as username forrest-dev, password forrest-dev
 - choosing a site from the drop-down list and clicking 'refresh'
 - click on the 'View progress' link that appears

You will then get a clunky META-refreshed view of the forrestbot log file
to indicate rebuild progress.

Eventually there will also be an 'upload' button, which checks the
generated HTML into xml-site/targets/forrest.  However the security is
not up to scratch (need pull-based update, not push) so it is disabled
for the forrest-dev user.  Once it is there, we'll have a proper
review-then-commit staging server of the kind Robert advocates.. :)

Currently, the following sites are hosted:


If there are any other (non-ASF) projects that would like to be added,
please let me or the list know.  If you have invested lots of effort in a
Forrest site, don't mind it being publicly viewable, and are rightfully
worried we'll unintentionally break backwards-compat :-) please sign up,
and breakages can be corrected as soon as they occur.

I will check in the webapp and script sources tomorrow, so people can
marvel at my model-1, scriptlets-everywhere JSP skillz :) and hopefully
improve things.


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