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From Avik Sengupta <>
Subject More on images in pdf
Date Sun, 22 Dec 2002 12:30:33 GMT
[crossposted to centipede and forrest lists]

I've been experimenting with getting images in pdf working, and here are
some debugging info 

The error i see in the logs is from FOP --
> ERROR   (2002-12-21) 16:32.40:433   [sitemap] (Unknown-URI)
> Unknown-thread/FOTreeBuilder: Unknown formatting object
> ERROR   (2002-12-21) 16:32.40:477   [sitemap] (Unknown-URI)
> Unknown-thread/UnknownXMLObj: no handler defined for :external-graphic
> foreign xml

On asking in the FOP list, i was told that 
"This means the external-graphic element is in the default namespace.
Usually this is in turn caused by not having the fo namespace
in scope while generating the external-graphic element"

Now running FOP with my  xml and document2fo.xsl on the command line
using the classes (particularly xalan and xerces) that came with
centipede gives me the correct result. (ie, no error like above, and the
image nicely placed in the pdf)

So i am led to believe that the error is due to some resolver overriding
in the cocoon conf. 

Any ideas??


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