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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Including legacy html
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2002 05:09:50 GMT
Andrew C. Oliver wrote:
> The fourth choice:
> - convince others that it is a problem, build a consensus and drive 
> action towards that effect.  You keep telling me love it or leave it. 
>  Maybe one day I'll leave it Stefano.  I haven't given up yet.  I just 
> have a lot of stuff to sort through before I can do it myself.

You have not done much convincing yet Andy. All that you
seem to do is blow in to this list, complain about this
and that, then leave again.

Stefano continued:
> > Con Forrest be faster than Anakia? hardly. Anakia doesn't even parse 
> > the XML. It's a text generation system. It's designed for command 
> > line. It's designed for unstructured data. It's designed for small 
> > sites. It's designed with no idea of SoC.
> Okay this is the practitioner versus the achedemic here.  I don't care 
> about SoC if SoC means my docs come out in 10 minutes versus 1.  

Well if you do not care about separation of concerns, then
i think that Forrest and Cocoon are not meant for you.

> > In short, they are two different things that happen to have partial 
> > functionality overlap.
> Exactly what practical thing does forrest do that Anakia doesn't other 
> than PDF generation?

Please, let us not squabble over whose product is better.

> > Andy, if you like Anakia more because it fits your needs, use that!
> I usually do.   I hope one day not to have to.
> > And then complain to them about the fact that it doesn't this or that, 
> > even if it *doesn't* very quickly :-P
> >
> Sorry to burn your holy books... But I just want it to work fast enough 
> to use.

It is plenty fast enough for me. There are other more
pressing things for me to expend my Forrest time upon.

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