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From David Crossley <>
Subject a website with separate distributable components
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 07:02:31 GMT
The xml-commons project is getting started with Forrest.
Some issues have arisen that we would like to raise on
the forrest-dev list. Shane Curcuru and i have both been
separately brewing a posting on the topic. This is a combined
posting, with my take on the issue at the top, and Shane's
at the bottom. (Shane is not on forrest-dev and will read

The Apache XML Commons project has various components that 
are each distributed separately, yet they all live under the 
umbrella of the xml-commons project website. 

We are wondering how to build the documentation with Forrest, 
so that the documentation for each component can be distributed 
along with its code and also be available as part of the
xml-commons website, with an additional high-level description
of each component that also gets included with each component's
distro. (Sorry - a circuitous sentence for a circuitous need.)

It seems more complex than just adding separate config for each xml-commons/component and running
separate builds with 'forrest'.

Best if xdocs content for each component can remain with their 
java code. 

Also some xml-commons components will use Apache document-v11
DTDs while other components will use DocBook DTDs.

See email 
 draft website for xml-commons using Forrest
and the current draft website URL. 


> From: Shane Curcuru <>
> To:,
> Subject: forrest-dev waanabe posting: Making multiple docsets
>  from one forrestized tree
> Date: 11 Dec 2002 18:53:19 -0800
> Hmmm - do either of you have comments on this, and/or is
> it worthy to ask on the forrest-dev list?  I just got bounced
> since I'm not a subscriber, and since I wasn't planning on
> subscribing since I just read the list on
> when I need to.
> ------
> Apologies is this is a FAQ somewhere, esp. in the libre stuff.
> Is there any way to build a forrest docsite (statically in my
> case, but it's a general question) in one directory tree, but
> be able to either build the whole thing, or just build a
> subtree of the thing?
> This is going to come up in xml-commons. ~crossley was nice
> enough to forrestize us, and I filled in some details.  But now
> I'm realizing that I want at least two separate kinds of outputs
> from one big tree of forrestized docs:
> - An overall xml-commons website for posting (somehow) to
>  This will include general info about the
> subproject, guidelines, etc., as well as full doc sets for
> various versions of components, currently:
> external || which || resolver
> - Individual static doc sets for each component within
> xml-commons that includes just that component's stuff plus one
> overview page of the subproject.  This will get stuck into each
> component's distro.
> I think we could hack this by duplicating a
> in various layers of the existing doc tree and having each
> component's build.xml somehow include the common forrest targets,
> but point to their own .properties file.  But I was wondering
> if there was an easier way, and if someone wanted to volunteer to
> doc it out for everyone (and/or help implement it in xml-commons...)
> Phew.  As soon as I have time I'll post a personal 'community' page
> using forrest, since it's pretty neat - and is documented well from
> the user perspective, which is really nice!
> =====
> - Shane
> <eof .sig="'When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said, 
> in a very scornful tone, 'it means just what I 
> choose it to mean - neither more nor less'"
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