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From David Crossley <>
Subject OT: no back pain
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 06:05:12 GMT
Grrrrr - my English is kinda funky with all these backpain drugs :-|


I have heard you mention such back pain before Steven.
Forrest needs you to be productive :-)

This is something that we all suffer from and need to constantly
attend to. I can offer some tips (do as i say, not as i do).

* Do not try to get inside the computer. It is another world
and we tend to stretch closer into it. This action sticks
your neck forward and busts your back. 

* Do you have some strange habit with device use.
An example: One day i found myself sitting reading a document
with my index finger raised over the left mouse button, ready
to click the scrollbar when i had read that screenful.
Finger-bone is connected to arm-bone is connected to back-bone.

* Do not slouch - sit up straight with gut muscles tucked in.

* Be you own minder. Always be aware and mindful of your body.

* A sensible chair is worth the money. I have one those
sit-and-kneel-with-back-support jobbies (but i do not yet
know how to properly drive it).

* You can find someone to assess your posture, ala Alexander
Technique ...
google(posture, alexander)

* Use vitamin/nutrient/mineral supplements:
MSM powder (organic sulfur)
Zinc and magnesium.

* Self-massage and stretching.

You probably know all of these things. I do too, but i amaze
myself by forgetting to apply them.

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