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From "Konstantin Piroumian" <>
Subject [WARN] Input module {context:context} won't work with latest C2.1
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 17:14:30 GMT
Hi all!

I've just updated the Forrest config files and glad to see that input
modules are used instead of actions (where possible).
I also see that RequestContextPathModule - {context:context} - module is
used. Note that It was removed in favour of JXPath-enabled RequestModule, so
the {context:context} should be rewritten as {request:contextPath} when
Cocoon is upgraded to a newer version.

Another thing that seems a little strange to me is the "*community*"
matchers in the sitemap. As I see from the
src\resources\fresh-site\src\documentation\content\xdocs\tabs.xml , users
can add any tabs they won't, so why there should be special matcher for
community? Do I get something wrong or misunderstanding?

Third thing that worries me is the size of the sitemap. It would look much
better if it were rewritten to use sub-sitemaps for each functional part,
    sitemap.xmap - the main sitemap with all common component declarations
and subsitemap mounts
    main.xmap - main documenation processing pipelines
    rss.xmap - rss related pipelines and rss specific components

just like it is done for the edit.xmap sitemap.

Of course, I'd do it myself, but because of low bandwidth of my GPRS
connection I'm not able to update the CVS snapshot completely to test my
changes. Although I have no possibility to participate in Forrest
development, but I try to follow discussions and I'm glad to see the great
progress of Forrest.


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