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From Markus Vaterlaus <>
Subject Re: build times
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 20:49:31 GMT
>Having worked with a Forrest setup for Cocoon, I was wondering how 
>we can decrease the build time. It took me (on OSX 10.1 JVM 1.3.1) 
>30 minutes to build the docs statically. Removing the pdf links 
>(which prevents pdf generation) still took  24 minutes. I realize 
>build times are somewhat irrelevant for bots, but, I fear committers 
>won't preview their doc changes if build times are so long.
>Is this all because of the Cocoon command line? Do we have any 
>options? Or have I overlooked some important configuration detail 
>(e.g. cocoon.xconf). Or perhaps a problem with my setup.

Hi Diana, hi list,

out of interest, I tried a to run a build of docs from the command 
line (./ docs) within forrest-xml and with the original 
xslt-files provided by forrest. At the end, the script printed out 
the following information:

>Total time: 9 minutes 9 seconds
>Total time: 9 minutes 25 seconds

My configuration: eMac 700 MHz/640MB, OS X (Jaguar), Java 1.3.1

 From my experience gained with exploring cocoon during the past 
months I can tell, that all webapps running on my eMac aren't pretty 
fast, compared to my old Linux box (366MHz, ~600 MB RAM). However out 
of lazyness I rather stick with my Mac, than to use my LINUX box.

I think, you are right, about your fears about commiters avoiding to 
check their work twice before commiting because of the lenghty 
buildtimes. For myself (and not beeing a commiter), that's why I 
wanted to set up forrest as a webapp. If I change something in a 
xdoc-file, I want to check it just afterwards and not after 10 


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