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From "" <>
Subject further informations, and just a little clarification for my mind
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2002 19:36:22 GMT
First, a real congratulation for the work done. It's impressive.
object :  further informations, and just a little clarification for my mind,
             about the difference between forrest project and cocoon portal.
What I have understood:
I have installed your current version of xml-forrest and build it.
I have read your Forrest primer and using Forrest documentations too.
Then, I have installed which you called "a new project", -eg page 2 of using Forrest-, in
"xml-mysite" directory with success.Great.
I try the forrest project as webapp using Tomcat only (eg not throught apache_2.0.43).Wonderfull.
As indication,
my environment is, right now with all installation success, on win2000pro, with :
- j2sdk-1_4_1_01-windows-i586.exe
- j2sdkee-1_3_1-win.exe
- apache_2.0.43-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi
- a simple cocoon ap!
that uses Google's SOAP API
- ...
and now
- forrest using

What I would like to know : further informations, and just a little clarification for my mind,
about the differences between forrest project and cocoon portal.
Thanks a lot for your help. Just few lines, if you haven't got any time.
See the following articles about cocoon portal, please :
 - by Langham
 - by Ziegeler and Langham (just introduction
for instance)
 - by "sunshine" team! (cocoon team)
What is the difference between forrest and cocoon portal?
what is the same?
How could we use together? Is it possible? 
Using together is the solution of what kind of problem, eg case? give me please a example
of situation.
- using cocoo!
n (alone),
 is the result of a xml publishing framework : rendition using different support, I mean html,
pdf, svg, ... with just a xml. (well, my answer is quite restrictive! I know)
- using cocoon as cocoon portal ???
- using forrest (alone), gives us a support for the generation, the management of websites'
- using forrest and cocoon : ok 
I have read in using forrest documentation &8 at page 8, that Forrest have a default sitemap,
which is adequate for every sites, like Forrest site itself.
Sometimes, one needs to go beyond the default set of rules. This where Forrest really shines,
beacause .... see &8 page 8., but ok.
- using forrest and cocoon portal ??? give me please a example of situation to undertand.
Is it the same? what is the interest of each other and both?
As I haven't got job yet, even if I have finished my studies!, I have time to read articles,
projects, ...
To contribute of the Forrest project, I need, firs!
t, further
 investigation of my part right now, to be considered!
Thanks for your answer,
---------------------------- : 11.07.2002
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