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From "Robert Koberg" <>
Subject on the SVG tool post from Betrand
Date Sat, 02 Nov 2002 18:40:30 GMT
[I think he posted it to this list, either that or cocoon-dev, but I deleted it
and it is not showing in the archives yet]

Betrand asked about an open source SVG drawing tool. I do not know of one, but I
think you could put one together in Flash.

Now, I would rather smoke a turd than work in the painful Flash interface, but
there are some really cool things you can do (constant connections without page
reloads). Here is a good article I just came across:

I remember seeing some example drawing applications floating around. They could
be adapted to send the properties of the drawing to the server in SVG XML. Or
data could be saved from the authoring app to be used by a viewer app. You make
the viewer app in flash that reads a some XML config stream to setup some basic
UI objects, finds the data file and it displays the rendering -- perhaps with
additional functionality built into the player. Or you could make a multiuser
whiteboard. Lots of things...

I wish I had time to work on something like that, but I don't currently. But I
could help out if someone takes the lead.


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