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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject cocoon transition files
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 17:14:13 GMT
Would someone be so kind as to create the directory:
in the forrest cvs and expand (and commit) the attached files therein?

My submission here was based on a helpful suggestion from Ken that we 
keep in-process Cocoon transition files in the Forrest cvs, instead of 
the Cocoon cvs. The idea is that we can all contribute patches to the 
files as we work out all glitches related to a successful 
Cocoon-transition. Once we have transitioned successfully, Cocooners can 
propose an official transition, subject to a vote on cocoon-dev. I'd 
rather work out bugs among Forresters and Forrest-oriented Cocooners 
before we bring up the issue on cocoon-dev.

Inside you'll find a README.txt which explains how to perform a trial 
run. I'll post a more detailed message on cocoon-docs. I'll also add the 
README (How-To) to the Cocoon wiki.



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