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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Forresbot WANTED
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 20:33:07 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:

> Typing 'forrestbot' in src/resources/forrestbot/samples should now
> generate the following sites from CVS:
>   &forrest-site;
>   &forrest-template;
>   &xindice-site;
>   &xml-site;
>   &fop-site;
> Please remember to change the 'email' entity first :]

Stupid idea to bypass the 'cvs-only' policy to update the websites 
hosted at daedalus:

1) trigger forrestbot using a cron job (dead easy)
2) cvs import the generated files into a repository on
3) nuke the existing content of the live website @ daedalus for 
volunteering projects
4) cvs checkout the sites stored in the repository to the 
correct dirs on daedalus (e.g. /x2/

next run:

5) rm -Rf the modules from the repository (since I don't 
get repeat cvs imports working - but if Nicola says it _should_, this 
means I'm stupid)
6) forrestbot kicks in
7) cvs import generated files into repository

in the meantime, on daedalus:

8) Sam's script kicks in, cvs updating now the updated files from the repository

This should work, I guess...

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