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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Forresbot WANTED
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 09:22:47 GMT
OK - Nicola and I had some private talk on this and apparently it has 
been the classic case of misunderstanding, and a third person adding to 
the confusion.

Nicola wants Forrest to a possible 'target' of a Gump profile (not sure 
about the nomenclature), and use the delivery thing inside Gump to 
publish both Forrest site generation results and other Gump-generated 
resources. Fine with me.

Sam sees a new opportunity to create a new Gump instance somewhere and 
jumps into the discussion.

I started thinking about the goals we are trying to achieve, and start 
this rant about Gump scope creep, being overly protective about Forrest 
& 'the machine', confusing what Nicola is trying to achieve (making Gump 
& Forrest play together) with what I want (people not being afraid of 
using the Forrestbot) and what Sam wants (intertwinglyness).

We somehow came to the conclusion that projects might require automated 
site generation as being part of what Gump offers - Nicola will tackle 
that inside Gump. Coolio!

OTOH, the Forrestbot will be there for projects who don't want Gump. If 
people ask, I'll see what I can do w.r.t. a centralized Forrestbot 
instance running on, as was the case previously with the 
instance at

And maybe, we should come up with a solution for integrating non-Forrest 
generated information inside Forrestbot runs, something I hinted long 
time ago in the original 'forrestbot' proposal 
Adding Javadoc generation wouldn't be too hard. Then again, I'm stuck 
with the 'feeling' this isn't exactly in-scope for Forrest.

Clear skies! And sorry about the rant. I'll quickly grab my toothbrush 
and move into the corner again.

Steven Noels                  
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