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From Miles Elam <>
Subject Re: New CSS mockup -- Mac IE 5.x friendly
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2002 20:31:37 GMT
Markus Vaterlaus wrote:

 > attached you'll find some screenshots taken here witrh Mac OS X and
 > different browsers. If you need anything else, plz let me know.

Thanks.  I'm going to look at some Omniweb hacks that I can use for
damage control.  Curious behavior: it supports background images on
elements, but not the positioning of that background.  It also includes
the nav in the main document flow even though it is specified as
"position: absolute".  Most curious...

----  20 minutes later ----

Okay, I've done some research on its capabilities.  The following URL
has a pretty good rundown of its abilities:

I am inclined to entirely hide CSS from it much like is already done for
Netscape 4-.  I don't think with that laundry list of CSS defects that I
could get a reasonably good page rendering in it using just XHTML and CSS.


---- 30 minutes later ----

I have posted the screenshots to my server.

The Mac IE 5 comes out fine (It should considering the amount of time I 
spent on it last night).  The Mozilla one looks fine.  A really nice 
thing about Mozilla is that it really does render the same on all 
platforms (minus platform font size differences and form widgets).

The Opera screenshot has me a little concerned.  I don't have Opera and 
I don't have easy access to Macs.  Can anyone out there lend a hand with 
development in this case?  Or is Opera like Mozilla in that it is very 
consistent across platforms and I could just fix it in Windows and have 
it fixed on the Mac by association?

Markus: what version of Opera were you using?

Downloading Opera for Windows now...

- Miles

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