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From Miles Elam <>
Subject New CSS mockup -- Mac IE 5.x friendly
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2002 18:55:17 GMT
Sorry for the lag...I finally got some quality time with an IMac and IE 5.x.

(Be sure to hit shift-reload to clear your caches!!!)

I've looked at it in Netscape 4.7, lynx, links (all look the same as 
before -- like 1995), Mozilla 1.2b Linux/Windows, Mozilla 1.0 
Mac/Windows, IE 5.5 Windows, Phoenix 0.4 Windows, Konqueror 3.0 Linux, 
and IE 6 Windows.  Results range from very good (Mozilla, Phoenix, IE 6) 
to "acceptable" (Konqueror -- cuts widths slightly, and Mac IE 5 -- 
doesn't recognize background images in elements).

Note: I've noticed that in Konqueror 3.0, if the tab bar has more than 
two tabs, the background image to the nav extends into the content. 
 This is due to the noticeably smaller default font size in Konqueror on 
my box as compared to other browsers.  I don't know if this was just my 
setup (I only ever use Konqueror to check pages for compatibility) or 
seen by others -- in which case I wonder about the health of their eyes. 
 Unfortunately, I don't how to fix Konqueror without breaking a more 
popular browser.  Ideas?

Also, I found the browser hiding techniques URL I had asked about a 
couple of weeks ago:

As always, please give it a shot with your favorite browsers and submit 
screenshots if possible.


- Miles

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