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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Jira for Forrest?
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2002 10:04:59 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:

>>- someone must be assigned to the 'project lead' role, and I start to 
>>appreciate the no-role-account policy Brian has for ASF-infrastructure. 
>>So who would be willing to step forward? It doesn't mean anything - just 
>>that your name is displayed at 
>>, and perhaps some 
>>people will be bugging you directly - but we are used to that already.
> "Lead: Steven Noels" looks fine to me.

Not really, but anyway.

>>- is it OK if I add a link to our Jira instance to the website 
> I just tried to enter a bugreport and got the same crash.. probably we
> should only link when it works.


>>- we need to come up with a list of components and versions - any ideas?
> How about:
> Versions: 0.2, 0.3-dev
> Components (taken from status.xml):
>   schema (DTD improvements)
>   skins  (XSLT presentation)
>   seed   (seed project bugs)
>   webapp (running Forrest with a live cocoon)
>   validation ( project validation)
>   other  (anything else)
> ---
>   docs   (Forrest website)
>   build  (Source build problems)
>   code   (Source code)

Slightly rephrasing:

  * Building Forrest
  * XML grammars & validation (including catalogs et al)
  * Forrest skins
  * The forrestbot
  * shbat distribution (Forrest CLI)
  * webapp (Jetty)
  * wiki (will add it when it's 'ready')
  * Forrest website
  * others

Added those to the current list - feel free to edit.

>>- anyone willing to co-administer Jira - adding components, versions, 
>>etc - I would like to have some decent geograpically dispersion so that 
>>administrators are 'on call' where- and whenever the sun shines.
> I can have a go.  Bottom right corner of the world :)

You're in. Mind you that you will be able to administer other potential 
cocoondev projects, too.

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