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From Miles Elam <>
Subject Re: css layout - mac IE
Date Sun, 17 Nov 2002 03:00:39 GMT
Robert Koberg wrote:

>The fix is to not use 'em' for sizes in CSS. Use '%' and multiply the 'em'
>values by 100.
The font values were already specified in percentages.  The ems were for 
nav widths, content margins, etc.  Percentage widths don't really apply 
in this case unfortunately.  What may end up happening is a Mac version 
that isn't quite so resilient to font sizing or with some noticeable 
layout differences.

>Also, on usability, the left column nav is an accepted layout. But it is
>accepted because it has become common. A right column nav is better for western
>readers because the left column starts the content - easier on the eyes to
>read - better usability.
How's this?

In Mozilla or newer iterations of Netscape, select "View"->"Use 
Style"->"Nav on Right"

For all other browsers, go to:

They are the same XHTML.  Just different CSS.  I honestly have no 
opinion on the topic, but here are the candidates.


On the Mac IE 5 front, the article -- specifically the 
fake comment endings -- has been my game plan.  For some strange reason, 
it's quite difficult to debug Mac rendering issues when you don't own a 
Mac  ;-).  Unfortunately I haven't had access to my friends' Macs long 
enough to fix the problems yet.  :(

- Miles

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