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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Adding components to forrest?
Date Sat, 16 Nov 2002 12:35:17 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
> Hi,
> Just say I wanted to write custom generators to forrest - can I do it (without 
> modifiying the forrest install)?
> Essentially what I want to do is be able to point at a java source file that 
> gets processed by and outputs some custom xml. The code 
> is already written but only works from command line. What I would like to do 
> is get it working inside forrest so that everytime I rebuild the descriptions 
> of components are regenerated and crosslinked.

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I'm not a forrest guru, just lurking here at present so my response is 
not about Forrest directly, I'm sure someone else will pick that angle 
up for you.

This may be something that would be better handled using Centipede 
(, a build system, utilising ANT at 
its core and forrest for docs generation.

Centipede is currently building up to a new beta release which has some 
considerable advances over the current beta (such as an update to the 
current version of Forrest). Nevertheless, the current beta is already 
in use by a number of projects such as

One of the changes in the new beta is the integration of cent outputs 
into the xdocs for forrest. For an example of the kind of output you can 
get from the next beta, take a look at: - checkstyle output 
skinned by Forrest - jdepend output skinned 
by Forrest - JNCSS output skinned 
by forrest

In order to do what you need you would need to create a "cent" for 
centipede, the output can be skinned as in the above examples. You can 
utilise your existing scripts, propable without modification. Your 
custom XML would then be processed by an XSL sheet to create the 
necessary xdocs and forrest does the rest.

If you want to explore this option, join or dev list at where 
all the help you need will be provided.


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