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From Nicola Ken Barozzi <>
Subject Re: forrest DTDs
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 09:04:38 GMT
copying this to forrest-dev for feeback.

Thanks :-)

Victor Mote wrote:
> Keiron Liddle wrote:
>>I wouldn't recommend putting the dtd's in our cvs, one version is
> In principle I agree. I think the best solution is for Forrest to make them
> available in a small download.
>>The are some pages describing the dtd but I presume you mean for
>>editing. I think it would be useful to make them downloadable separately
>>just for editing.
> Yes, I was referring to editing.
>>I think the process is something like:
>>- put your own catalog in resources/schema/catalog
>>- it will then verify with that catalog
>>- cocoon will use that catalog when copied across to webapps
>>Unfortunately it does work like that.
>>To get the verification to work I need to add just the local public ID,
>>so it uses the forrest one to verify forrest ID's and the local one for
>>the local ID.
>>Then when it is copied across cocoon can only find the ID for the fop
>>dtd and the others are missing.
>>If I put all the forrest+fop ID's in the catalog then it cannot verify
>>as it cannot find the forrest dtd's relative to the catalog.
>>So something is a bit broken.
> I am not familiar with cocoon, so I am a bit lost. However, the catalog
> concept is just for local use -- in other words for a specific
> editor/parser. Since Christian has shown us how to find the DTDs on the Web,
> we should probably add the URL in the declaration -- then people with
> always-on web access can see that one. The catalog is really just for
> standalone boxes without access to the URL version, to map the public ID to
> a local file. After I downloaded Forrest last night, I was able to add an
> entry in XML-Spy to see my local copy of the DTD. Without that mapping, and
> since the files don't have the URL, right now an editor will complain that
> it can't find the DTD in the current directory.
> Victor Mote
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