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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Forrest 0.2-rc1 released :)
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 09:07:01 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:

> Hm :/ Don't see why ${tools.jar} is being quoted.  The 'tools.jar'
> property isn't set in ANT_OPTS or ~/.antrc is it?

Nope - and a lot of spaces are translated into semicolons, too :-(

>>Question: do we need to use ant.bat, can't we just write our own Ant 
>>invocation script?
> Could.. I don't know if having a simpler script would outweigh the
> benefits of having to maintain it ourselves though.  Any fix to the
> proper ant.bat, we'd have to 'port' into our script.

right - but I see lots of batch files calling each other which makes 
debugging on a buggy OS even worse :-(

Oh well - gonna look some more into it.

>>ps: Jeff, any instant messaging protocol I can use to reach you?
> Linux IM clients all suck, so I haven't got one set up.. if you've got an
> IRC client, I'm currently on, username 'Ix'.

What channel?

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