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From Tony Collen>
Subject Re: webapp failure: Servlet.init() for servlet Cocoon2 threw exception
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2002 21:21:40 GMT
Steven Noels wrote:

> Tony Collen wrote:
>> Roger that, 1.4.
>> So go grab the latest xerces.jar and xalan.jar, and throw them into 
>> $JAVA_HOME/lib/endorsed ?  Pardon my ignorance :)
> You're welcome. You don't have to go grab them elsewhere, they come 
> with Forrest (lib\endorsed)... welcome to Java Jar Hell :-)

Bingo.  They weren't working in $JAVA_HOME/lib/endorsed/ so I moved them 
to $TOMCAT_HOME/common/lib/ and the webapp started... thank you very 
much, kind sir :)  

On a side note, now that I see what Forrest is for, I can say, "COOL!" 
because it gives me most of the functionality that I needed, and it 
saves me the pain of having to figure out how to create automatic 
navigation.  I look forward to hacking the hell out of the default skin =]


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