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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Filesystem layout (Re: Skin rewrite: 0.2 release?)
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2002 10:43:04 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:

> :)  I think we need a proper Forrest roadmap, with use-cases and a
> concrete, technical step-by-step guide, in order to prevent
> misunderstandings like this from happening again.


I don't know what has been happening recently, and sure lots of it is 
simply Good Stuff, but I have problems with this new eagerness to throw 
stuff over the wall into the open. I'm in good standing with the 
'release early & often' strategy, but if we are claiming to be 
best-practices-driven, I don't see why we shouldn't take the time to 
double-check these practices.

I have been one of the advocates of 'let the user decide how he will 
organize its resources' in the past, so I tend to agree with the idea 
Nicola is pushing forward.

OTOH, generalizing remarks from single individuals as 'general user 
requests' will bring us to FS sooner rather than later. So we need more 
debate ad perhaps a vote, sorry.

I know I'm doing the best I can to make myself immensely unpopular right 
now. But maybe I'm simply too afraid to throw shit towards the fan (and 
don't take this too literally!!)

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