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From Ian Blizard <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Forrest 0.2 release
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2002 09:51:17 GMT
Under commit, over deliver.

A project manager once told me, "release or be damned".

People want this, the labbies here *love* it.

You want more developers? Make it an EEP (early experience program), 
with little or no support, but at least give people the chance to say "v 
0.2 of Forrest was nice, but we want it to do _this_" etc. They'll jump 
on the bandwagon and make Forrest what it needs to be.

At the risk of playing bullsh*t bingo, stay customer focussed. At the 
end of the day, no customers = dead project.


Steven Noels wrote:

> Jeff Turner wrote:
>> Second try :)
>> While Nicola and I try to whack ideas into each others heads, I think we
>> really do need a release before both of us commit a bunch of new
>> features.
>> So I propose we:
>>  - Write a minimal Tomcat-style etc/RELEASE-NOTES-0.2.txt mentioning 
>> open
>>    bugs.
>>  - tag current CVS as 'FORREST_02', but excluding the contentious patch
>>  - generate source and binary distributions (incl. release notes in 
>> root)
>>    and put them somewhere public.
>>  - draft a minimal email announcing the release, review it here on
>>    forrest-dev, then send to general@ and announce@
> While releasing is good, I'm not so sure whether we have the right 
> motivation to do so right now.
> A lot of the stuff isn't finished (the Wiki stuff & DTDs basically), 
> nor can we offer a binding contract / migration path to our users IMHO.
> If you want to tag for easier bookkeeping - please go ahead. Internal 
> release, without announce mails: +1
> But all in all, I think we need to stabilize and package before we can 
> publicly release. Remember there is no second chance for a first 
> impression.
> And as you all know, we will have time, energy & focus to work on 
> Forrest for 6 weeks full-time after the GetTogether. Part of that time 
> can go to updating & solidifying documentation, and testing the new 
> additions.
> (oh my god, I'm gonna be flamed for this - but the 0.1 release mail 
> has been sitting in my draft folder since 2002/07/16, honestly)
> (I haven't cast my vote yet)
> </Steven>

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