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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] New site stats
Date Sat, 09 Nov 2002 00:59:29 GMT
Hi Forresters,

We discussed a bit (with Steven) about building apache 
projects/hosts/etc stats, which is one of the tasks for the Forrest, so 
I guess this announcement is not completely offtopic on this list.

I'd like to announce a page I put together which to show off some of the 
stats which I was able to extract from the log files (with minimum 
memory consumption). These stats in no sence are complete or correct, 
but an attemp to build complete and correct stats.

URL for the page is:

Images are updated daily (and some of them - weekly), at night. Site is 
statically generated using Forrest.

Please take a look and send your suggestions, opinions, flames.


Steven Noels wrote:

> Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
> > This also can be done. My question is is this interesting to forrest
> > community or somebody else (you said , Sam?)...... or it's better for
> > me to drop all this nonsense and go and work on Cocoon bugs? :)
> It was one of the original plans for Forrest, to put up some stats up
> the different projects (downloads, mails sent on the lists, etc etc)
> What would be good is to have a low impact way of extracting whatever
> kind of data we can make sense of from the server logs (like
> user agents, top downloads, busiest website, etc etc).
> Now that we start playing with the idea of going independent with
>, that should take into account aggregating several
> logs, too... Hmmmpff.
> I don't know ATM, maybe we should just take your data as a test stream 
> and see how we can work with it in Forrest (for the 
> front site). And if people like it, they will add more streams and 
> we'll finally have that 'Apache project dashboard' displaying all 
> kinds of interesting (and other) data.
> My point was that finite steps are difficult to aggregate starting 
> from XML, so maybe cumulative would be better. This all depends on the 
> frequency of sampling of course - for weekly stats, you still can show 
> them in a trend chart and make sense of it.
> But we'd better move this to forrest-dev so that others can tell their 
> opinion too.
> </Steven>

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