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Subject icons Forrestbar
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2002 16:13:24 GMT
Hi Forresteers!

The story goes that icons are needed for the Forrestbar...
As a graphical designer bearing strong sentimental feelings for the work
that the deliver, I'd like to offer my services to
the community as well. 
This I would do by contributing in the form of providing the icons required
for the Forrestbar.
Later on, when other duties have finally set me free again, I will be contributing
some html-skins.
The only Forrest-project that I've so far accomplished in cooperation with
a wicked Forresteer who goes under the name of Bert is to be found at
A very extensive load of information was easily managed with the Apache technology,
a technology that I've long awaited as webdesigner...

So, icons will be delivered as soon as possible (will start the job next

Greetings from Frederic


ADSL Advantage...De activering en de 1ste maand zijn GRATIS...

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