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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: Real-life problem: XPI install
Date Sat, 16 Nov 2002 20:26:44 GMT
On Sat, Nov 16, 2002 at 07:33:10PM +0100, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Good news  go to
>    :-)     with Mozilla and click on the _Forrestbar XPI Install link_
>            It will automatically install the bar :-)
> I want to put this in the main forrest site, because it's really cool, 
> but...
> Bad news:  It needs Javascript on teh top of the page and an
>    :-(     onclick attribute on the link.
> How is one supposed to do this :-?

Today: add a HTML file to src/documentation/content/html, and add a
custom sitemap rule to the project sitemap.

In the future: no idea.. CAPs possibly?  We have two possible *.html

<!-- Serve up hand-edited HTML -->
<map:match pattern="**/*.html">
  <map:read src="content/{0}"/>

<!-- Serve up generated HTML -->
<map:match pattern="**/*.html">
  <map:generate src="content/{1}/{2}.xml"/>

I think the original use-case for CAPs was determining what stylesheet to apply,
to transform format X into documentv11:

<map:match pattern="*.html">
  <map:act type="CAPAction">
    <map:parameter name="config" value=""/>
    <map:generate src="{1}.xml"/>
    <map:transform src="stylesheets/{doctype}2docv11.xsl"/>
    <map:transform src="stylesheets/document2html.xsl"/>

But as Steven mentioned a while back:
  "and have some SetMimeTypeAction which sets mimetype according to
  file extension (or even better: /etc/mime.types for OSes that care
  about mimetypes)."

So if we knew the MIME type from an Action..
We'd have something looking very much like a resource-exists test.  A
great big switch.

Just unenlightened ramblings..


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