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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: path space problem
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 13:27:28 GMT
On Fri, Nov 15, 2002 at 02:07:11PM +0100, Bert Van Kets wrote:
> The problem with the Win2K batch file is that parameters are passed
> through from one batch file to another.  If the path in these
> parameters can be replaced with environment variables the problem
> should be solved.  Due to the complexity of the batch calling, I
> haven't finished the problem solving yet, but I can say that we need to
> change not only the forrest.bat file but also other bat files (ant.bat
> etc.)

Are you testing 0.2rc1 or CVS? 0.2rc1 has:

call "%ANT_HOME%\bin\ant" ...

whereas CVS has:

"%ANT_HOME%\bin\ant" ...

It was to make debugging easier, but removing the 'call' could solve any
problems of passing through parameters.

> One of the problems lies in the fact that the CLASSPATH variable is
> "built up" and that for some strange reason spaces in the path are
> replaces by semi colons in the ant.bat file.  I'm still trying to solve
> this.

Line 21:
for %%i in ("%FORREST_HOME%\lib\endorsed\*.jar") do call appendcp.bat %%i

I think that expands to:

c:\Program Files\Forrest\... c:\Program Files\Forrest\...

Which gets tokenized into


Ie, we would need the individual entries to be quoted:

"c:\Program Files\Forrest\..." "c:\Program Files\Forrest\..."

which I've no idea how to do :/

> Can someone confirm that I can use environment variables in the
> CLASSPATH (ex. %FORREST_HOME%\lib\endorsed\xml-apis.jar)  if not, how
> do you define a classpath that contains spaces.  Quotes are out of the
> question.
> We are nearing a working version.

We can delay 0.2 if you think you're near a solution..


> Bert

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