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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Backwards-compatibility (Re: Stable stamped version)
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2002 17:12:02 GMT
On Tue, Nov 05, 2002 at 04:12:36PM +0000, Ian Blizard wrote:
> Hi all,
> You guys are doing some stunning work, when do you think we'll see the 
> wood for the trees?
> Even an alpha/beta distribution would be very handy, at least then 
> everyone who uses it will have a solid basepoint to start from.

Yes, we're long overdue a release.

That raises the question, what strategy should Forrest take wrt.

My thoughts:

Forrest is a rapidly evolving, early-lifecycle project.  When the choice
is between improving Forrest, or breaking backwards-compat, I'd go with
improving Forrest.

However, I'd suggest one rule: when backwards-compat is broken, it MUST
be documented as such, and an 'upgrade path' for users supplied.

One of the best examples of change reporting I've seen is Log4j's HISTORY
file.  It lists all user-relevant changes in log4j since October 1999.
Each change is marked by severity:

   [*] Changes that are 100% compatible with existing client code.
  [**] Changes that requiring little or no modification to existing
       client code.
 [***] Changes requiring important modifications to existing client code.

Perhaps we could extend the 'changes' section in status.xml to support
this, where each [***] entry requires a link into a separate 'upgrade
path' page.  If the Forrest site is run as a webapp on cocoondev, we can
then have a 'queryable' changelog: "show me how to upgrade my Forrest
0.3.4 site to Forrest 0.9.0".  This can easily be done with an XPath
expression, and the XPathTransformer in Cocoon's patch queue.

Also, breaks SHOULD also be done just after major version increments.

In order to enforce this backwards-compat policy, I suggest we have a
regression suite of sites which the Forrestbot tries to build once a day.
The Forrestbot can be modified to be able to check out versions of a site
from CVS at certain dates.  I can supply as a non-trivial
Forrest use-case.  Hopefully, any users seriously relying on Forrest will
either let us use their site for regression testing, or set up a
Forrestbot themselves.

The problem is, there are lots of cases where a small change in Forrest
could possibly break someone's site, but it's highly unlikely.  We need
to tighten and document the contracts between the various parts of


> -Buzz.

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