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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: Forrest fast edit-check cycle with Jetty committed
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2002 12:01:41 GMT
On Tue, Nov 05, 2002 at 12:23:44PM +0100, Steven Noels wrote:
> Ant- and webapp-gurus, hear:
> I was wondering why we are still copying the content away to a 
> {project.home}/build/webapp environment when using 'forrest run': 
> wouldn't it be easier to just go and fetch the content from the 
> {project.home}/src/documentation directory?

The problem is that some files need Ant @tokens@ replaced - notably:

1) src/resources/skins/forrest-site/scripts/breadcrumbs.js:

    PREPREND_CRUMBS.push( new Array(
                "", "@skinconfig.trail.link1.href@"
                ) );

2) src/documentation/conf/cocoon.xconf currently has:


which is a temporary hack until we get XMLModule reading the selected
skin from an XML file.

3) Before modules, we had @skin@ tokens in sitemaps.  I suspect some
people with custom sitemaps are still relying on their sitemaps being

The cleanest solution might be to have a FilterReplacerTransformer that
converts @tokens@ to values on the fly.

> Also, I would suggest to make the default build target directory 
> something like {project.home}/build/forrest/webapp, since I gather a lot 
> of projects will already use build/webapp for something else.


> For that matter, maybe also use {}/build/forrest/tmp instead.

Or just say that anything Forrest produces lives under build/forrest/*,
just like Cocoon puts stuff in build/cocoon/*.


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