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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: Skinning
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2002 10:03:36 GMT
On Mon, Nov 04, 2002 at 09:13:10PM +1100, Peter Donald wrote:
> On Sat, 2 Nov 2002 14:53, Jeff Turner wrote:
> > However, the sitemap -> skin contract (XSLT parameters) is not stable.
> > In fact I'm going to break it later today (make it simpler). 
> kool. Do you think this is going to stabilize in the future? It would be kool 
> if it did ... and documentation accomodated the change ;)

There's now just one {path} parameter.  I don't foresee any need to break
it in the future, and if it ever does it should be documented.

> > Anyone with a custom skin should also use a custom sitemap, and not
> > rely on the Forrest default.
> Personally I think this may be a bit of a mistake. You want to make it as 
> simple for end users to get going. A default sitemap that sets up default 
> mappings but allows some easy plugin point (sub-sitemap?) would be easy for 
> us cocoon illiterates ;) (Though I am reading Carstens book and it rocks!!!)
> > > Oh and if it is all stable - anyone got any suggestions on what skin I
> > > start from?
> >
> > avalon-tigris is apparently the most decent.  It's been somewhere on my
> > todo list to pull it into Forrest, since the only half-decent skin
> > Forrest has is 'forrest-site'.
> Well I have got it 90% working. If you want I can send it along. About
> the only thing that it doesn't support that forrest does is search
> control and that should be easy enough to add I assume.

Yes please - or check into jakarta-avalon.

All: as a policy for maintaining/hosting skins, how about we have these
two conditions:
 - It must be used in a live, active project
 - At least one Forrest committer must 'sponsor' it, volunteering to
   update it when external files (skinconf, sitemap) change.

Ie, I'd like to get rid of avalon-site, basic, jakarta-site and
xml-apache-site, and just have forrest-site and avalon-tigris.


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> Cheers,
> Peter Donald
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