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From David Crossley <>
Subject using a project local-catalog (Was: copy-conf happens too late in build)
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2002 23:39:47 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> > I think that i have found a little glitch in the build.
> > 
> > The target "copy-conf" copies the cocoon.xconf from the
> > project src/documentation/conf directory. However it does
> > this too late in the build process.
> > 
> > The validation targets need it to be in place before they
> > are called. The project can define their local OASIS catalog
> > in their cocoon.xconf (see validation.xml, search for
> > "local-catalog" and see the Warning notes).
> It doesn't look like local catalog files are used at all.  If a file
> 'catalog' is defined, it overwrites the default 'catalog', but
> overwriting is not the same as augmenting..

I think that i have not been clear enough, and i got
something wrong above (hence change of email Subject).
For now, forget the "copy-conf too early" stuff.
It *may* be a furphy.

However, there are still issues.

I already do have my project's additional catalog being
used as well as the default Forrest catalog. I modified
Jeff's warnings in validation.xml because they were not
true. I have shown a workaround in validation.xml
to add my local-catalog and followed the instructions
in your-project.xml to add your example Download DTD.
Everything works for me and i see the HTML page
rendered properly by Cocoon.

However, validate-xdocs does not work and i do need to set

I know what the issue is. We have two separate concerns
which are identified by the two separate warnings in
validation.xml document.

1) Get Cocoon to use our "local-catalog" during the "docs"
target, for which we need our local cocoon.xconf instead
of using the one supplied by default from 'forrest'.

We also need to be able to set the <entity-resolver>
verbosity parameter in our cocoon.xconf to be able to
debug entity resolution. (Also tweak other components.)

2) Ant cannot yet utilise the local catalog during the
"validate-*" targets.

I wonder if the new work happening on xml-commons-dev will help.
Norm is making the new release of resolver-1.1, and Craeg and
Stefan are adding that to Ant.

Perhaps we need a workaround until then.

> Currently the 'validate-xdocs' target has:
> <catalogfiles dir="${project.schema-dir}">
>    <include name="catalog*"/>
> </catalogfiles>
> That's pretty hacky.. how about adding a new 'project.catalog-file'
> property, naming the project catalog file?  We could then have a token in
> cocoon.xconf:
> <parameter name="local-catalog" value="@project.catalog-file@"/>
> which gets replaced at runtime.
> How does that sound?

Like mixed concerns. Ant does not use cocoon.xconf

We need to address the concerns separately:

1) Project cocoon.xconf to configure and tune various
Cocoon components and especially its Entity Resolver.

2) Await the configurable Catalog Entity Resolver in Ant
or hack a workaround.


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