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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Forrest 0.2-rc1 released :)
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 08:11:30 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:
> Candidate 0.2 release available at:
> Or by running 'cvs update -r FORREST_02_RC1'
> Please run it against your local projects and report any bugs here.
> I'm particularly interested in getting feedback from Windows users about
> the various scripts, eg whether they run in directories with spaces.
> I think the plan is to allow 72 hours for bug reports, then declare 0.2
> released and make further announcements on selected lists.
> I've just remembered about Ant's ReleaseInstructions file, which is full
> of good stuff that we should do in future.
> --Jeff

Thanks so much for your great work Jeff, and pats on our backs
for the rest of us.

As a test of the current stuff (and because it is time) i used
Forrest to generate an xml-commons website ...

I did have a couple of minor troubles:

1) If i build it using 'forrest site' and then subsequently
tweak the project skinconf.xml, then the changes to skinconf
have no effect. The only way seems to be doing 'build dist'
in the xml-forrest. Then 'forrest site' is happy.

2) There is no "clean" target. So if i have xdocs in my
project that i later delete, then the old rendered *.html|pdf
must be manually removed from /build/site/

Other than that, everything was easy.


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