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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: sync various descriptions of Forrest
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2002 07:36:42 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Here is the current draft:
>  "Forrest is an XML standards-oriented project documentation
>   framework based on Apache Cocoon, providing XSLT stylesheets
>   and schema, images and other resources. Forrest uses these to
>   render the XML source content into a website via command-line,
>   robot, or a dynamic web application. Start with a small static
>   site and grow to a dynamic application."
> Issues:
> 1) Is it getting too long?
> 2) "schema" is a singular word, "schemata" is the proper plural,
> but it sounds like a disease or a religious affliction. Is there
> a better term? I am trying to avoid specific terms like DTD,
> WXS, or XML Schema (when they mean W3C XML Schema). One other
> choice is "grammar".

This is still an outstanding issue. Any suggestions?

> 3) We still need a one-liner too. This is needed for
> Bugzilla and will be useful elsewhere.

Peter Donald wrote:
> Or maybe even more raw
> "Flexible, standards-based, site development tool."

> In time it would be nice to add in "Easy-to-use" :)

With a little cooking ...
 "Standards-based site documentation framework"

> Robert Koberg wrote:
> > wait, too many words :) it just needs:
> >
> > Standards based site development that provides the
> > building blocks to allow growth in any direction.

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