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From Nicola Ken Barozzi <>
Subject Re: Todo list in generated Forrest docs
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2002 15:25:23 GMT

Jeff Turner wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 22, 2002 at 03:54:03PM +0200, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> ...
>>>Which reminds me, need to get cracking on a 0.2 Maven plugin to suck in
>>>more hapless vict.. users for us to be helpful to.
>>Yeah, Maven is going at the eight beta now, so it's time to update it, 
>>and I'll have to have my go at a Centipede one.
>>BTW, I have not yet had time to thank you for your latest work on 
>>Forrest, it really was the thing we all needed but nobody ever got to do.
>>Kudos++ :-)
> Thanks ('n Steven too).  When Ivelin's book-writing offer came in, I took
> the chance to become "voluntarily unemployed" for a bit, which is why
> I've had so much free time ;)  23, still living with parents, no
> responsibilities, free access to these Apache playgrounds.. it's great ;)
> However, it's the people with real lives and real jobs who devote their
> few spare moments to Apache who really deserve gratitude.

Yup :-)

>>And also put all files in *one* directory as already decided, so that 
>>Jeff doesn't have to rant about how cumbersome the dir structure is .
> Which files?  I am always happy to oblige when it comes to rants. :)

the xdocs one; hey, _you_ wrote that subtle rant! :-P

Let's just have to set one "documentation" dir that contains in the same 
dir structure all files.

Just remove the content/xdocs part and the resources/images part and put 
them in the documentation dir... if it works, that is, you'll need to 
check ;-)

>>One last thing, I forgot the status of the stuff, 
>>what is still needed now?
> ...
>>Also I tried to use the tigris skin but it simply ignores the skin
>>setting, but I don't have time to investigate now...
> Yes, setting '' has no effect.  Possible solutions:
>  - Quick'n dirty: s/${defaults:skin}/avalon-tigris in the project sitemap
>    (src/documentation/sitemap.xmap overrides the default).


>  - Short term: roll back Konstantin's input module patch in the standard
>    sitemap.

revert the revert? naaa

>  - Long term: use Christian Haul's new chaining input module.

Where is it? Has anyone seen it? ;-)

> Personally:
>  - Fix bug
>  - Repackage Forrestbot (currently requires manual hacking)

Could you please elaborate more on this?
I really like the sbat distro.

>  - Anything else necessary for a 0.2 release.

Ha, +1 for making Jeff do a lot of work ;-P

>  - Write Maven plugin against 0.2

Put this just after the skin bug, IMO it's more important than the 

>>The metamodule stuff?
> If you mean DefaultsMetaModule input module, yes (IIRC now called
> ChainingMetaModule).

Yeah, now I get it.

>>Last but not least, I have set up a Forrest version of the main Apache 
>>page here:
> Nice!
> One fine day, Forrest will have a faster edit-view turnaround time than
> Anakia, and have more features than anything else.  Then we can loose our
> fanatic Forrest legionaries out into the universe to convert the masses
> (reminiscenses from Dune here).

And make the universe know about the mind-twisting geniuses of the 
Second Foundation (Asimov).

> (IOW: let's not cause a flamewar by proposing that as a replacement for
> the current Anakia-driven site ;)  At least, not yet.)

If you really feel you want to become our hero, then just take the 
smallest web server you can find, make Environment classes for it for 
Cocoon, put it in the Forrest distro, and make a
  forrest view

Oh, and on top of that add to the sitemap the SourceWriting stuff so 
that from each page we can edit it in place.


>>And one for the incubator project here:
>>If we get the Maven plugin working well, it would be awesome :-)
> Within a week or so, I hope.

Nicola Ken Barozzi         
             - verba volant, scripta manent -
    (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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