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From fallen <>
Subject Re: New "Using Forrest" doc
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2002 18:04:25 GMT

building a site using forrest.  i have seeded a directory with the new 
forrest dist build, however i am having a problem getting the forrestbot 
(sorry my terminology for this stuff sucks right now) to recognize and 
process .xml files within directories under xdocs.  

For example, it will not turn realms/index.xml into an html file, and 
reports it as a broken link.  the file is mentioned in the book.xml 
located in the directory, and the directory is mentioned in tabs.xml. 
 what criteria does the forrest bot use to decide what xml files to 
proccess and which to ignore?  this is my main point of confusion at the 

thank you for your time,

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