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From "Vladimir R. Bossicard" <>
Subject Forrest for dummies, part II
Date Fri, 11 Oct 2002 05:17:53 GMT
So here I go again complaining :-)  I've updated the tree and it is much 
better.  Thanks for the improvements (especially putting the logos in 
the ressource directory)

So I continue my exploration of forrest...

- major frustration: sometimes the index.xml file is not processed when 
defined in a subfolder.  That's what I did:
   a) I defined a tab and put the index.xml into a subfolder. It's not 
transformed and is considered as a missing link
   b) I place another file (fileA) in the subdir.  It only works if 
index.html _and_ fileA.html are both referenced in the tab. Forget one 
reference and index.xml is not transformed
   c) more vicious: if there's a error in fileA.xml, index.xml is not 
processed.  You then try to find the error in the index.xml file... 
Major error!  Boy I spent time on this one!

- is it possible to only generate one page?  Even on my machine (1.8GHz, 
512MB) it takes 1 minute to generate the whole site (about 15 pages). 
It would be useful if I could just generate the document I'm currently 
working on (or only the html and not the pdf).  I tried to use Ant and 
call the <xslt> task but without much luck.

- (personal taste) I prefer "<enable-search>true</enable-search" to 
"<disable-search>false</disable-search>" (double negation is sometimes 
hard to quickly figure out)

- is copying the files to be processed into the build/tmp directory 
really needed?

Thank you for supporting all my complains.

Best regards,


Vladimir R. Bossicard

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