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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: incubator project infrastructure set up
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2002 14:53:32 GMT
On Mon, Oct 28, 2002 at 07:50:06AM -0500, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
> Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> > 
> > I'll try to help but it's difficult for me, since I'm on a flacky 9.6
> > GSM connection and I can't check what is up on my home dir... if this
> > mail still cannot help you, contact the forrest-dev mailing list for
> > further assistance.
> well, i was trying to run it on my laptop, off the network.  first, the
> build of forrest required online access to download something from
>  dead stop. :-) okey, so i tried again after going
> online, and the forrest build seemed to work all right.  (the
> documentation about setting FORREST_HOME seems a wee bit unclear about
> whether it's required for forrest to run or not, and whether it shoul
> refer to the shbat directory or the shbat/bin one.  oh, well.)

It's needed for Windows (specifically win95) but not for 'nix, though
AFAIK all the docs say it's required.  If you can point me to the unclear
docs I can fix'em.

> then i tried to run forrest and it complained about there being no ant.
> so i installed ant.

Hmm.. xml-forrest actually comes with a copy of Ant, so it's a bit dumb
that we don't use it.  I'll fix this some time over the next week.  I
think that so far, most people who try Forrest (esp its developers) have
Ant installed, so nobody saw this obvious improvement.

>  ran forrest again against your files, and it wiped them all and complained.
> in not-too-readable-except-in-a-browser html, and i'm not sure what it's
> complaining about.

I don't know what files you were trying to convert, so can't comment.  To
eliminate Forrest itself, or any environmental weirdness, as a cause of
the trouble, one can type 'forrest seed site' in a clean directory.
'seed' populates the directory with a template site, and 'site' generates
HTML from it.

> i kinda assumed that whatever aspects of cocoon were needed were embedded
> in forrest, but perhaps not.

They are.. that's why the download is so big ;P

> so i downloaded cocoon.  looking at its installation instructions, it
> says it needs tomcat.  !!!  this is getting out of hand just to be able
> to work on a single web site while i'm on my laptop!  (tomcat: cd
> sourceforge ; make all)
> the prerequisites for forrest don't appear to be very well spelt out,
> so i don't know what i might be missing.

The only requirement _should_ be that Java be installed, though currently
Ant is also needed.  I'll fix the Ant thing and document the JDK dep.
Cocoon and Tomcat certainly aren't needed.

> if it needs cocoon and doesn't find it,
> it would be nice if it would say so..
> i *really* don't want to have to set up a complete tomcat installation just
> to edit/build this small web site..

Sorry you had to jump through all those hoops.  We'll get busy
eliminating the Ant hoop and documenting the unneededness of the others. 


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