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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: Question. cocoon.xconf and skin
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2002 12:50:15 GMT
On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 11:46:24AM +0200, Carles Canellas wrote:
> Well, I've got another question about forrest in
> webapps and war, I'm not sure why it works that way.
> When I override the skin to use in the properties
> file, and invoke the ant via forrest script, it's used
> in filters, but in the cocoon.xconf in WEB-INF is not
> changed, so I have to change it manually.

Yes, that's the skin bug we've been discussing recently.  Previously we
had @skin@ tokens in sitemap.xmap, which got replaced by the
'' property value.  We are trying to move to a better system
where the skin is made available in the sitemap via {defaults:skin}
references (Cocoon input module).  This system currently ignores the
'' property.  However it allows one thing that the old system
couldn't: in a webapp, you can choose the skin at runtime via the
parameter 'skin=<whatever>'.  Sorry you were caught in the middle of the

> I have seen 4 solutions for that.
> 1: Change it manually, really not the sollution

If you copy the Forrest sitemap
(xml-forrest/src/resources/conf/sitemap.xmap) to your src/documentation/
directory, and replace {defaults:skin} with @skin@, that should fix

> 2: Wait for a dreamware sollution named siteplan
> (well, I don't like to wait)

Nah, this is just a plain ol' screwup, which we'll be making with
siteplans too :)

> 3: Put my own cocoon.xconf in conf subdirectory (If I
> change the skin, I have to change it in two places:
> properties and xconf)

That would work.  Wouldn't need bother with properties.

> 4: put an xslt transformation that changes the skin in
> xconf for the one present as property, in the ant task
> before creating the war and in the one that creates
> the webapp.
> I have chosen the 4th. There's another solution? If
> that solution is OK, I can send the diff's in the
> build and the stylesheet (very simple one)

If it's no trouble that would be great.  It's a nicer workaround than
what I was contemplating (going back to the old system).


> Carles, starting on forrest.
> =====
> Carles Canellas.
> Vicer Tec S.L.

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