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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: Todo list in generated Forrest docs
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2002 17:05:22 GMT
On Tue, Oct 22, 2002 at 05:25:23PM +0200, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> >Which files?  I am always happy to oblige when it comes to rants. :)
> the xdocs one; hey, _you_ wrote that subtle rant! :-P
> Let's just have to set one "documentation" dir that contains in the
> same dir structure all files.
> Just remove the content/xdocs part and the resources/images part and
> put them in the documentation dir... if it works, that is, you'll need
> to check ;-)

I have a FIFO rant buffer.  Was I having a whinge about having to type
'src/documentation/content/xdocs'?  If so, that is now kinda fixed.
There is an example in your-project.html of how to use a short Maven-like
/xdocs, /xdocs/images structure.  Remapping happens in

> > - Long term: use Christian Haul's new chaining input module.
> Where is it? Has anyone seen it? ;-)

Remember those two pages of '' commit logs you scrolled
through a few days ago? :)

Actually, I'm not certain what Chris committed fully meets our needs.  If
it turns out not to, I'd rather get the old @skin@ system working again
for 0.2, rather than wait for Cocoon.  The two systems are functionally
identical, though input modules are conceptually nicer.  We'll see..

> >>Plans?
> >
> >
> >Personally:
> >
> > - Fix bug
> > - Repackage Forrestbot (currently requires manual hacking)
> Could you please elaborate more on this?

See email entitled "Where goes Forrestbot?".  Currently the forrestbot
isn't packaged in an end-user friendly fashion.

> I really like the sbat distro.

Good-o.  Marc was right about the shell scripts.. it's nice being able to
type 'forrest seed webapp' in an empty directory, and bang, there's a
template site waiting to be edited.

> > - Anything else necessary for a 0.2 release.
> Ha, +1 for making Jeff do a lot of work ;-P
> > - Write Maven plugin against 0.2
> Put this just after the skin bug, IMO it's more important than the 
> repackaging.

Aw.. repackaging is fun.. guess you're right though.

Add to todo list: incorporate ideas filched from Robert's LSB.

> >(IOW: let's not cause a flamewar by proposing that as a replacement for
> >the current Anakia-driven site ;)  At least, not yet.)
> If you really feel you want to become our hero, then just take the 
> smallest web server you can find, make Environment classes for it for 
> Cocoon, put it in the Forrest distro, and make a forrest view target.

Kinda.. ?


- We need on-the-fly XML to HTML conversion
- Cocoon is way too 'heavy' to run from the command-line. Can never
  compete with DVSL, Anakia etc.

One solution: turf out the CLI interface and use Cocoon as a webapp.
'forrest view' launches an internal webserver.  What you were thinking?

> Oh, and on top of that add to the sitemap the SourceWriting stuff so
> that from each page we can edit it in place.

Certainly we need to get rid of the 'cp src/documentation/*
build/tmp/context/' step.  Input modules remove the main technical
obstacle to being able to edit src/documentation/.../index.xml and
immediately see the change in a webapp.


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