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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject [OT] tbook
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2002 09:00:06 GMT
This project looks very promising:

 - An XML file format that is suitable for demanding, especially
   scientific, texts, but it is also as simple and small as possible, and
   uses similar names as LaTeX.  Supported LaTeX classes: book, article
   and letter.
 - It produces HTML, XHTML+MathML, Postscript, PDF and DocBook output.
 - It works with formulas, graphics, tables, (all three with numbering)
   bibliography, and index.  Tools that have proven their efficiency with
   LaTeX (BibTeX, xindy etc.) are also usable with tbook.
 - The print output caters high typographic demands, using high level
   LaTeX typesetting mechanisms.  This includes high quality graphics and
   their labelling with Psfrag.  Additionally, it produces small PDFs.


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