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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject New "Using Forrest" doc
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2002 11:34:34 GMT
Just checked into CVS a fairly substantial doc on using Forrest in new
projects. The TOC is:

    * Introduction
    * Getting the Forrest source
    * Building and Installing Forrest
    * Seeding a new project
    * Seeding an existing project
    * Customizing your project
          o Configuring the Forrest skin: skinconf.xml
          o Changing the layout:
    * Adding content
          o book.xml
          o tabs.xml
          o Images
    * Advanced customizations: sitemap.xmap
          o Example: Adding a new content type
          o Example: integrating external RSS content
          o Example: Generating PNG from SVG
    * Forrest skins
          o Defining a new skin
    * Forrest webapps: developing docs faster
          o Installing a servlet engine
          o Generating a site webapp
          o Using the webapp
    * XML validation
          o Case study: setting up xmllint

Does anyone know who to bug about getting updated?


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