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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: latest updates
Date Sat, 12 Oct 2002 06:04:00 GMT
On Thu, Oct 10, 2002 at 09:59:05PM -0700, Vladimir R. Bossicard wrote:
> I've updated the tree for the latest version (btw thanks for putting the 
> logos in the ressource dir) and I continue my exploration of forrest.
> - major frustration: when I define a panel, I put all the xml files into 
> one folder.  I discovered that the index.xml file is only transformed 
> into an html file _if_:
>   1) it is referenced by a menuitem (like Overview -> index.html)
>   2) another menuitem is defined (?!?) and reference another file (B)
>   If you have errors in the file (B) the file index.html won't be 
> generated. So you try to find the error in the index.xml file.  Well no 
> luck! Boy I lost time on this one!

I don't understand. The HTML files are generated by the 'crawler', which
starts from one file, and recursively renders all files it is linked to.
The starting file is defined by ${project.start-uri}, and is 'index.html'
by default. Thus index.html will _always_ be rendered, if it is

If index.xml is invalid, then the crawler will be unable to extract links
from it, and no further pages will be processed.

Here is the crawler algorithm in pseudocode:

Add ${project.start-uri} to {links}
For page $P in {links}:
  Take xml file P.xml
  Combine P.xml with book.xml and tabs.xml (to create Px.xml)
  Render this combined file Px.xml to P.html
  Extract links from Px.xml and add them to {links}

> - it is quite difficult to figure out what went wrong when a page is not 
>  correctly generated.  Are informations logged somewhere?

Um. Yes it should be going to build/tmp/forrest.log, but that file isn't
being created. Quite a major bug :(

I don't think Forrest tries to validate XML docs before rendering, so the
only error you'd get would be from the XSLT processor. Another large

I have always validated content as I edit it. If you have an editor that
support XML Catalogs, it's easy to set up. On Linux, there's 'xmllint'
which supports them, and I can show you how to set it up.

> - is it possible to generate only one page?  Even on my machine (1.8GHz, 
> 512MB) it takes 1 minute to generate the whole site.  It would be useful 
> if I could just generate the document I'm currently working on.

I think it may be technically possible, but it wouldn't be as easy as
tools like Anakia make it.

I personally consider the Cocoon crawler a terrible tool for developing a
website. It's _far_ too slow. It takes 9 minutes to render the Forrest
site. Imagine doing an edit, and waiting that long to see the result!
Even rendering a single page, the crawler is many times slower than tools
like Anakia.

To develop a real site, I'd suggest the following strategy:

 - Run 'forrest webapp', and configure a Tomcat server to run the site as
   a webapp.
 - Symlink src/documentation/content/xdocs to
 - Edit away, and see updates almost instantaneously in your browser
 - Only use 'forrest site' (the crawler) when you need a static HTML
   snapshot to upload 

This way, one experiences Cocoon's strengths, rather than it's
weaknesses. I developed in this way. I think this is
the direction Forrest should be heading in.

> - (personal taste) I would prefer "<enable-search>true</enable-search" 
> to "<disable-search>false</disable-search>" (double negation is 
> sometimes hard to quickly figure out)

You're right. I think I'll change it.

> - why do you copy the files to be processed into the build/tmp directory?

Because we need to filter-copy some Ant @tokens@. However I'd really like
to eliminate this copy step, because then when generating a webapp, one
wouldn't need to symlink files.

> Thank you for supporting my complains.  Forrest is really a great tool 
> don't get me wrong!

:) Well, usability is pretty terrible now, but the major problems can be
worked around, and we're working on eliminating them. Your feedback is
very valuable.


> Best regards
> -Vladimir
> -- 
> Vladimir R. Bossicard

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