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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: Xindice going to forrest
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 06:23:41 GMT
Hi Vladimir,

Really sorry this stuff isn't documented ;) I'm going to do that later today,
so we can get a Forrest 0.2 release out soon.

Comments inline.

On Tue, Oct 08, 2002 at 01:35:04PM -0700, Vladimir R. Bossicard wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> >Now create a new directory, eg /tmp/xindice.
> >In it, type ' seed'. This creates skeleton project xdocs.
> >Then type '', and it will generate docs.
> Exactly what I needed, thanks.
> Here are my first comments.  Some of them are really basic but I just 
> wanted to act like an average user (which I'm not of course...) and note 
> everything that popped into my mind.  Please don't be offended but I 
> really think that the website should be very easy to configure and 
> generate since it's not apache is a developer community and not a writer 
> community.
> I hope it will help you to improve your process.
> - where do I put the images for the website? E.g. you could put the 
> project-logo.gif (MyProject) and group-logo.gif files at the right place 
> and let the user find and replace them.
> - how do I specify the name of the logo files (if I have a jpg and not a 
> gif)?

The 'seed' website needs updating. There should actually be a
'skinconf.xml' file in the src/documentation directory. It would be best
to copy it from xml-forrest/src/resources/conf/skinconf.xml. Here's the
relevant section:


  <group-name>Apache XML</group-name>

The 'images/' directory mentioned there is mapped (in the sitemap) to
src/documentation/resources/images by default.

Incidentally (just to demonstrate Cocoon's capabilities), if want a SVG logo
instead; set up a sitemap rule in src/documentation/sitemap.xmap:

   <map:match pattern="images/svg/*.png">
    <map:generate src="resources/images/{1}.svg"/>
    <map:serialize type="svg2png"/>

And then you can use:


> - the search is on the forrest site.  How can I configure it for Xindice?

The 'project-name' element above will set the search title. There's also a flag:


to get rid of the search box altogether.

> - there are two '.' after 'All rights reserved"

Oops, will fix that tonight.

> - how can I change the copyright notice (let's say I want (c) 1999-2002 
> The Apache Software Foundation and not only 2002) ?

The copyright is generated from these two skinconf.xml entries:

  <vendor>The Apache Software Foundation.</vendor>

> - I would prefer "xml.apache" and not "Xml.apache" in the header 
> (personal taste)

It does look a bit odd. I think that's some Javascript automatically
capitalizing the 'group-logo' element value. I'll look into it.

> If you want, we can work that way:
> - everytime you make a modification to you process, I check-out forrest 
> and redo the installation.  Once I can write the Xindice website 
> straightforward, I think it's time to try the process on another website.

:) As you can see, documentation (particularly a "Getting Started" guide) is
Forrest's main deficiency. It will be fixed ASAP; thanks for persevering.


> Thoughts?
> -Vladimir
> PS: I'm not in the forrest ml but will subscribe tonight.  It's ok if 
> you cc the list.

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