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From David Crossley <>
Subject sync various descriptions of Forrest
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 07:25:53 GMT
I have noticed that Forrest is described inconsistently
in various documents. So i have gathered together the
descriptions to start refinement. I think that we need a
longish description (refine what we have at A) and
also develop a one-liner.

The long description also needs to be more clear that
the intent is broader than Apache.

We are going to need to make an official release of Forrest
soon (not that i am taking on a release manager's job).
A good clear description will be needed for that.

Perhaps we should start again and get down some dot-points,
then develop a description from them:
* Based on robust Apache software, practices and experience
* Can be applied to any ASF project
* Can be applied to your own private project
* based on XML/XSLT
* many modes of operation (shbat, forrestbot, webapp - but
not using those techy terms)
* management of local and remote website production
* ... please add more ...

We also need to fine-tune the three main documents that
describe Forrest (A, B, D). Forrest has progressed a lot
and they need all review. I am happy to help out a bit.

I see that Forrest promises more than it is currently
delivering, e.g. says that is for management of projects,
provides statistics and metrics, makes comparison with
Sourceforge etc. I think that this is dangerous and
some of these should be moved to dreams.xml

Anyway here is what we have now ...

A) xml-forrest/src/documentation/content/xdocs/index.xml
B) xml-forrest/index.html
C) xml-forrest/module.xml
(The docs A, B, and C have basically the same intro.)
 Forrest provides a robust technological infrastructure for
 open software development for the Apache Software Foundation
 based on ASF software, ASF practices and experience, and
 modern software design principles.

D) xml-forrest/src/documentation/content/xdocs/primer.xml
(This is the first sentence of the "What is Forrest" section.
It goes on to describe with more detail and some of those
words will be useful for a top-level description.)
 Forrest is a framework that supports the cross-project
 generation and management of development project websites
 using Cocoon as its XML publishing framework.

Other issues
1) Try view-source of B) xml-forrest/index.html
I was horrified by the HTML source there. We need to
make it clear that this mess was not built by Forrest,
then proceed to clean it up.

2) Should we be referring to "ASF" or "Apache"?

3) Do we need to mention the actual technologies (such
as Cocoon) in a top-level description?


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