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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: incubator project infrastructure set up
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 00:46:32 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:
> Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
> > i kinda assumed that whatever aspects of cocoon were needed
> > were embedded in forrest, but perhaps not.
> They are.. that's why the download is so big ;P
> > so i downloaded cocoon.  looking at its installation
> > instructions, it
> > says it needs tomcat.  !!!  this is getting out of hand
> > just to be able
> > to work on a single web site while i'm on my laptop!
> > (tomcat: cd sourceforge ; make all)
> >
> > the prerequisites for forrest don't appear to be very well
> > spelt out, so i don't know what i might be missing.
> The only requirement _should_ be that Java be installed,
> though currently
> Ant is also needed.  I'll fix the Ant thing and document the
> > JDK dep. Cocoon and Tomcat certainly aren't needed.
> > if it needs cocoon and doesn't find it,
> > it would be nice if it would say so..
> > 
> > i *really* don't want to have to set up a complete tomcat
> > installation just
> > to edit/build this small web site..

I do not understand why people are seeing Forrest as only
a webapp. I am one of the Forrest developers and i have
never used it that way (though i gather that it is capable).
If i want a dynamic publishing system then i would use
Cocoon directly.

Rather i use Forrest via its command-line methods and, when
i get my act together, via the forrestbot. In these methods
Forrest uses its packaged Cocoon.jar via Cocoon's CLI
(Command-Line Interface).


> Sorry you had to jump through all those hoops.  We'll get busy
> eliminating the Ant hoop and documenting the unneededness of
> the others. 
> --Jeff

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