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From Keiron Liddle <>
Subject Re: New Apache XML Site! :-)
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2002 08:48:55 GMT

One quick problem I have found. The cocoon+batik doesn't seem to work
for me, there is a:
java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser
	at org.apache.cocoon.serialization.SVGSerializer.notify(Unknown Source)

A more recent cocoon seems to fix this but then I got other problems.

BTW. I have update some docs in FOP to try things out. The sitemap does
some extra svg->png and svg->pdf conversions and there is some problem
with my svg->pdf matcher.

On Fri, 2002-10-25 at 17:53, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> I'm happy to inform you that I just committed the new version of the xml 
> site in CVS.

Thats great.

> If there are any problems, please contact

See if this message gets through...

> Get xml-site from CVS, change the sources, build the docs and commit the 
> changes. They will be picked up in the next cron job run.

Does this include FOP, I only just noticed, the docs aren't ready yet.


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