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From "IAS" <>
Subject feedback from adopting Forrest to renew my site with i18n support
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2002 05:11:21 GMT
I renovated my site with Forrest.
What I've been focusing on is i18n support, and the site shows clearly
how it works. You can download its source files at
Mainly I changed the following things:
In sitemap.xmap,
<map:serializer name="fo2pdf"
-->     <user-config src="c:/java/ias/userconfig.xml"/>
userconfig.xml and cyberbit.xml are for non-Latin-1 characters.

In skins/ias-site/xslt/fo/document2fo.xsl,
all the values of "font-family attribute are converted to Cyberbit.

In skinconf.xml,
DTD definitions for host-url element are added.

As a result, the site displays not only Korean characters but only
Japanese characters. Moreover, generated PDF files also display all the
characters without broken ones.


Thanks very much.


Independent Java Technology Evangelist

Jakarta Seoul Project Coordinator 

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