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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] fix tabs
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 13:11:11 GMT
Great solution!
Wish I thought of this a long time ago.
Congrats Jef!
Thanks Konstantin for implementing this.

At 16:52 10/09/2002 +1000, you wrote:
>This patch fixes tabs on Forrest-based websites. In the current
>tab2menu.xsl, there is a hardcoded '/forrest' context path:
><a href="/forrest/{@dir}">
>Which a) makes tab2menu.xsl unusable for non-Forrest sites, and b) forces
>the Forrest context to be '/forrest'. Also because it's trying to be
>server-relative, the links are broken on static local docs: they appear
>as file:///forrest/community/howto/index.html
>My fix is to make the generated link relative. As the link must be
>relative to the current directory, I've written an XSL, dotdots.xsl,
>which returns the appropriate number of ../'s to negate the current tab's
>directories. From the file's description. Here's the examples:
>   Input                           Output
>     index.html                    ""
>     dir/index.html                "../"
>     dir/subdir/index.html         "../../"
>     dir//index.html              "../"
>     dir/                          "../"
>     dir//                         "../"
>     \some\windows\path            "../../"
>     \some\windows\path\           "../../../"
>     \Program Files\mydir          "../"
>Anyway, it's used in tab2menu.xsl to work out the correct links for
>non-selected tabs. So if the user is in community/howto/index.html, the
>'Home' link goes to ../../
>I have also modified the sitemap to allow linking to directories. Links
>to '**/' are now redirected to '**/index.html'. Without this, tabs were
>broken in the live webapp, since each tab is a directory link. Statically
>generated sites worked because (presumably) the crawler rewrites links to
>'directory/' to 'directory/index.html'.
>Also, previously directories in tabs.xml had to end in '/':
>   <tab label="Home" dir=""/>
>   <tab label="How-Tos" dir="community/howto/"/>
>   <tab label="XML Site" dir="xml-site/"/>
>Now tab2menu.xsl adds a trailing '/' regardless, so it is no longer
>required (although it won't hurt).
>I've verified that offline generation works correctly with this patch.
>The NPEs, broken links and zillion FOP error messages are not my fault ;)

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