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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: Link-Addressing, and breaking up the sitemap
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 10:38:31 GMT
Hi Robert,

Robert Koberg wrote:
> Hi,
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Marc Portier []
>>Still: configuring the load of what forrest should know about
>>your project all in *one* file seems logic to me.  (as long as it
>>is all inside the one concern which I would largely define as
>>"organize the project site" This would be involving: choosing
>>some skin, and maybe setting some skin-specific customizations,
>>decide on which parts get hooked up in which tabs, setup the
>>libre auto-indexing rules, ...
>>Even if the concerns would grow out of one role (person) this
>>could still be the entry config-file that maybe lists where other
>>files are.
> I have found that two main config files are a good thing. One that describes the
> site and one that describes the resources. The resources are referenced in the
> site config for easy reuse.

can't say I fully grasp yet what is in there, just some random 
- they look machine generated rather then hand-made
- seem to be relating to one document repository that manages all 
'article-ids' (while here we try to get some mechanism to cross 
ref between parts coming from different locations we still want 
to publish all together)

> I have some incomplete documentation with Relax NG Schemas (I think I generated
> DTDs and W3 Schema) up at:
> </snip>
>>using the CLI is about "staticalizing" your content.  The webapp
>>does not have this concern, so only the CLI needs to be taking up
>>this concern to 'relativise' all the /-leading references in the
>>produced static content.
>>(At first I mentioned some transformer for this, but 'in office'
>>Steven correctly pointed out that this has only got to do with
>>the use of the crawler.)
> What happens when your static output is PDF or some other binary staticalized :)
> output?

honestly: I have *no* idea.

For static HTML it seems natural to have relative links between 
all that sit in one dir with subdirs so they can be moved around 
in the vritual root of any webserver at will...

For static pdf it seems natural to have only full fledged http:// 
links... given the fact that you would maybe download, print, 
mail those around? (even harder to realize)

It would not make a lot of sense to me to start browsing around 
from pdf to pdf... but who am I?

> -Rob

Marc Portier                  
Outerthought - Open Source, Java & XML Competence Support Center                    

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