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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Usage of file.hint.ext convention
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2002 10:39:39 GMT
MIME-types are equally non-describing as file extensions
type: text/xml still requires a peak to the DOCTYPE when you want 
to decide which stylesheet to apply
(this is content-aware pipelines redefined?)

Purely on MIME-types would require some richer
text/xml; doctype=....
version of the thing, which is I guess a hack comparable to the 
hint-file extensions?

still turtles all the way down :-)

Morrison, John wrote:
>>Now to explain the why of the double ext (again):
>>We have file.xml
>>- user must link using the same filename
>>  link href"file.xml"
>>- the browser needs the filename with the resulting extension:
>>  file.html
> Do we need an extension at all in the url?  Why not just use
> file.xml in the system and http://xxx/file as the url and rely
> on mime types? I believe that Stefano suggested this an age ago :)
> J.
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